“Red Light” is in the final days of a crowdfunding campaign and is preparing for ‘the After Party’

Hollywood, CA, November 4, 2016– There are thousands of reported alien abductions each year. One of those, that took place a few years ago, was recorded by an early cell phone camera. That film and the story that goes along with it has been written into an award-winning drama, Red Light. Writer/director Dempsey Tillman and writer Ted Dewberry have created a story that’s terrifying and terrifyingly real. The film is presently seeking crowdfunding support via Indiegogo 
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“We need to get this story out. The abductee, Mr. ‘W’, has been incredibly brave to come out and tell his story. It’s my hope that if this story gets out widely enough, even more abductees will show up with even more evidence.” – Dempsey Tillman, Director, “Red Light”

Mr. W. is, in reality, just a middle-aged man who had grown convinced that someone or something was entering his home at night. To prove it, he set up his cell phone to record what happened.
Hollywood visual effects experts have reviewed the resulting footage. They concluded, to a person, that either this is the world’s best fake, one that they would struggle to make with all of their tools, or it is a genuine film.

 “This is a story that needs to be told. In this age of cameras everywhere recording everything, we’re hoping that by telling the story of “Red Light,” other abductees will feel that they can come forward without ridicule.” – Dempsey Tillman, Director, “Red Light”

“Red Light” is a complete feature-length movie script that is presently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo.  The film will tell the story of an alien abductee with actual video footage of his abduction. The film, to be directed by Dempsey Tillman and produced by a team of experienced Hollywood professionals, will present alien abduction in a completely new light.
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